The town of Meclodganj in Dharamshala is the among the most visited tourist place in India. The vibrant Tibetan culture, gorgeous panoramic vistas of nature and the presence of the 14th Dalai Lama are among the top factors that lures the tourist in this beautiful town. Located on the temple road of Meclodganj, the Dalai Lama Temple of Dharamshala is a place of vibrant prayers, mesmerising architects and natural surroundings. The resident of the Dalai Lama is right next to the temple.


The residence of the holy Dalai Lama is located near the Dalai Lama temple. After the Chinese inquisition in Tibet, Dalai Lama had to leave Tibet in 1959 and flee to India. When he comes to India, our Prime Minister allows him to take refuge in the Country and helped in settled in Mcleodganj. Following the incident, most of the Tibetans came to Dharamsala and got settled in 1960.

Tsuglagkhang Complex:

It is the place that comprised the Dalai Lama Temple itself along with NamgyalGompa and The Tibet Museum.

The temple:

The Temple of Dalai Lama or Tsuglagkhang is built in 1969, and the architecture of the temple is mostly similar to the legendary Jokhang Temple of Lhasa. When you enter the temple, you will find the statue of Avalokitesvara, who is also known as the Buddhist deity of compassion. You will also find the wooden idol named as “Starving Buddha” denoting the period when Lord Buddha was on the verge of completing his six years of ascetic meditation. Also, you will find the statue of an Indian Sage, Avalokitesvara, who has helped to spread the teachings of Buddhism during the 8th century, Tibet. At the centre, you will find the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha at the entrance of the temple.

The image of Avalokitesvara is a replica of the 7th century from the Jokhang temple. During the Cultural Revolution, the image of Avalokitesvara was destroyed in 1966. Moreover, the temple also safeguards the ancient’s relics that were smuggled out during the revolution. On the right-side of the temple, you will find the paintings of the three kings who brought Buddhism in Tibet.


NamgyalGompa is a part of the Dalai Lama temple. Every afternoon from 2 pm to 3 pm, the monks around here debate at the courtyard. There are various claps and sealing moments undergoes during the debates. NamgyalGompa is itself a monastery for the monks and at the south side of it, you will find the residence of the Dalai Lama, but it is not accessible to the public.