In the starting of Baijnath Tour we will explore more places on the way from Dharamshala to Baijnath :

  1. Chamunda Devi Temple : The famous temple of goddess Chamunda Devi (Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham). The temple complex is an enchanting spot with glorious view of Dhauladhar, the Baner Khad and Dadh. A vast running water pool houses the statues of Lord Shiva and Saraswati. A trek of about 16 km up in the Dhauladhar ranges is the ancient temple of Aadi Himani Chamunda.
  2. Gopalpur Zoo : The Gopalpur Zoo is one of the ultimate family getaways that one can cherish forever. It is easily accessible and it has been the home to several species of birds and animals which never cease to amaze tourists. The zoo was established on the Dharamsala – Palampur road in the village of Gopalpur in the Kangra District.
  3. Saurav Van Bihar : Saurab Van Bihar is situated near the bank of river neugal. This is nature park surrounded in 13 hactare ares. having boats inside the water pool.
  4. Palampur Tea Garden : You can see thick tea garden in the road side on your way to baijnath. Since palampur is called the tes capital of north india, this place become a famous place for tourists.
  5. Baijnath Shiv Temple : “Loard Shiva” temple is situated in baijnath a very famous place. the history of temple is stated on stone slabs. This temple is built in 9th century foundation laid by local merchants.
  6. Bir Billing : Bir, Surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheater of low hills, is an ideal landing ground for para gliders. bir has buddhist monasteries a must visited place. fine tibetan handicrafts are also produced here. Billing, up in the hills 14 KM from Bir with an arena of 200 km of high altitude for paragliding.

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